Scientific Programme

Our Congress theme of Interventions at Work – Integrating Science and Practice was selected in order to highlight the impact that science needs to have on the world though influencing thought and effective practice. The converse is also true that practice within our field must actively feedback into Science and contribute to the evidence-base that moves us all forward. In bringing together scientists and practitioners to present ideas and share information within an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect, we are providing a platform to build a better and more impactful future for our profession.


We urge contributors to Congress, wherever possible, to demonstrate in the submissions we receive that there are current or potential practical outcomes of scientific research and there are clear links to scientific research in the more practice-based submissions. It is these kinds of contribution that will help us establish impact on the world around us and allow us to positively influence government policy, public thinking and the way that organisations work around the world. We make a bigger difference when we act together, both by working inside and outside of labs, but also across different nations and cultures.

The Second Report on Progress by The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, (2021) for the WHO Executive Board states that failure to respond effectively to the pandemic was about a lack of

forceful response to evidence and a failure to share “more widely and proactively” (p.17). This Congress is our own opportunity to share evidence and ideas while focussing on how we can create and deliver work to

change the world at even the smallest level.