Social Programme

We are organizing a variety of social events to take place during the Congress. We are aiming to provide networking opportunities in a convivial atmosphere while providing a flavour of Scotland (including a dram of Whisky here and there).

The opening ceremony will be followed by a free reception where delegates can meet up with old acquaintances and make new ones.

On Thursday evening we have plans for an exciting social event where delegates can mingle and network in an informal atmosphere.  There will be light food and drink and an opportunity to sample some traditional Scottish Culture.  This is not a formal dinner and you won’t have to wear a kilt (unless you want to) but there will be some traditional fun to be had, as well as quiet spaces for those who prefer.

We will be taking steps to ensure that the event complies with the safety guidelines to minimise risk from the virus.  Because of the changing nature of the advice we will confirm the exact details of the entertainment nearer the time.

The event will be in walking distance of the congress and will run from 19.00 to 21.00.

Tickets for the event cost £33 (including VAT) and can be booked during (or after) registration.


Ambassador Programme

The EAWOP Ambassador Programme has been designed to maximise the value from attending the congress by making sure that newcomers feel welcome, have a good understanding of how to navigate the congress and are truly made to feel part of the EAWOP international academic and professional community through contact with experienced congress attendees who are willing to share what they’ve learned and serve as a mentor at the congress.

If this is your first time attending an international congress or indeed any conference, you are interested in expanding your network or you would welcome seeing a friendly face when your arrive then sign up for the programme. Your ambassador can provide advice and guidance on how to use your time and have the best congress experience.


If you are a seasoned congress attendee with your own network and a willingness to provide advice and guidance to others then sign up as an ambassador. This programme cannot exist without support from experienced EAWOP Congress goers for our newcomers’ EAWOP journey! If you have already attended at least one congress, and can commit to making some contact with your “ambassadees” before and during the congress to check-in on them, we would be delighted if you could sign up for the programme! The Ambassador role involves giving a small amount of time to make a tremendous impact on first-time EAWOP attendees, including an introduction to the EAWOP community.

If you have attended an EAWOP congress before you are eligible to be an ambassador. Veteran EAWOP members are welcome – but so are recent graduates or those more advanced in their programme of studies, provided they have attended EAWOP before. The only criterion is a wish to make a first-time EAWOP Congress attendee feel welcome, especially in these uncertain times.

If this is the first time that you have attended an EAWOP Congress or are relatively inexperienced and you feel that you would benefit from the mentoring and support of a seasoned EAWOP member, then please sign up for programme! As well as your ambassador, you will also have the chance to meet up with others from all around the world who are in the same position.

Anyone wanting to participate as an ambassador or ambassadee can sign up through this survey link –


Fringe and Fun Events

In addition to the more formal programme of papers and posters we are organizing a range of experiences including quiet spaces and exercise

classes (a recent BPS conference featured ballet). Keep looking for announcements.


Social Programme


The European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology exists to promote and support the development and application of Work and Organizational Psychology in Europe and to facilitate links between scientists and practitioners working in this field.

Its main strategic aims are to influence policy-making in academia and practice, increase practitioner engagement, and maintain a sustainable organization of the association.

About BPS

The British Psychological Society is proud to host EAWOP 2022 in the wonderful city of Glasgow.  Founded in 1901, the British Psychological Society is one of the oldest psychological societies in the world. It currently has over 70,000 members and continues to actively promote and develop psychology in all spheres of life.


The BPS Division of Occupational Psychology evolved from one of three sections set up in 1919 and its aim is to add value to the science of Occupational Psychology and to be the authoritative professional voice for Occupational Psychologists in the UK.